CORE Champion kickoff

March may be the official start of Spring but May 2021 is the official kick-off of our Core Champion certificate program. Kelly Hutton spearheads this NACM endeavor. Please read her statement on our pilot slated for May 20 with the webinar on Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts-a foundational competency of our profession and the NACM CORE. Kelly and I will answer questions on the program immediately following the webinar which begins at 2 p.m. ET on the 20th.

CORE® Champion Achievement Program Launch Event

Launch of the Core® Champion Achievement Program
The final session of the 2021 Midyear Educational Series, May 20, 2021 at 2 pm (EST), entitled Purposes of the Courts – The Challenges is the first course offered that qualifies for the Core® Champion Achievement Program. Afterward, a member’s only event will be hosted by Rick Pierce, chair of the CORE® Sub-Committee and Kelly Hutton, vice-chair. This exclusive event will provide a deeper dive into the Core® Champion Achievement Program and provide an opportunity for members to ask questions regarding the program.

What is the “Core Champion” Program?
Consistent with the Core® Subcommittee’s responsibility for promoting the Core® and NACM’s larger purpose of strengthening court professionals, this program was created to encourage greater exposure to the contents of the competencies. The Core® Champion Program is intended to encourage broader exposure to the Core’s 13 competencies. The Program recognizes the following levels of achievement according to the requirements described below.

Achievement Levels
The 13 Core Competencies are divided into three modules, Principle, Practice, and Vision. Members who satisfy requirements for the following combinations of competencies will be recognized with a certificate:

• Core Explorer: One Competency from each module
• Core Principle Specialist: All competencies within the Principle module (2)
• Core Practice Specialist: All competencies within the Practice module (8)
• Core Vision Specialist: All competencies within the Vision module (3)
• Core Champion: All thirteen competencies of the Core
NACM is not in a position to test an individual’s mastery of any of the competencies. However, exposure to a competency through an approved class or session along with the completion of a structure response test will be required to obtain credit for an educational session. Attendees at a Core® Champion approved session will be verbally notified that the session qualifies for the program. After the session, attendees may request credit for the module by emailing [email protected] Upon receipt of the request, the structure response test will be emailed to the attendee. The attendee will then complete the test and return it to [email protected] The submissions will be reviewed by the Core® Sub-Committee for approval and issuance of any certificates. For the final level of the Core® Champion Achievement Program, the participant will be required to write a short form article about what benefit(s) they gained from the Core and how they intend to use it in the future. The Core® Sub-Committee will review the articles submitted for completion of the program. Articles may be selected for publication in the Court Express. Each year at the Annual Conference, the names of the participants achieving the Champion level will be announced.

Hope to see many of you virtually on the 20th!