Curriculum Development Update

The curriculum designs have commenced for each of the thirteen (13) competencies within the Core.  The goal of the NACM Core Curriculum Design project is to build designs that will be flexible enough to allow a faculty member to build a course, training, or session for any group of new or seasoned court managers of every court type and size. The design will also be flexible enough to assist a faculty membeCurriculum Designr in building a course, training, or session of any length and be valuable in any kind of delivery mechanism (in-person or online learning, asynchronous or synchronous learning, self-study or faculty-lead).  The end result will be curriculum designs that will provide an overarching plan for the education of court managers.

Join us at the NACM annual conference July 12-16, 2015 in Louisville, KY to learn more about these and other Core developments. Visit the conference website at