NACM provides court management professionals the opportunity to increase their proficiency while working with colleagues to improve the administration of justice.

As the world’s largest organization of court management professionals in the world, we’re working to improve the administration of justice by:

  • Develop and improve leadership in the judicial system and the leadership qualities of court managers.
  • Promote the interdependence of court managers and judges.
  • Promote and encourage the continuing education opportunities of court managers.
  • Encourage fellowship, a network, and a sense of unity among NACM members.
  • Educate the public on the role and importance of courts.
  • Enhance public access to the courts.
  • Recognize the diversity of NACM’s membership and encourage broad participation in NACM governance and activities.
  • Enhance and improve NACM publications and related activities.
  • Enhance NACM’s organizational vitality through a continuing review process and a focus on the future for courts.

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