What court professionals need to know.

The Core has been structured to provide consistent information across all competencies. This consistent structure allows the reader to quickly define and review the indicators of competence and also to see how the competency is demonstrated in everyday work and in different types of courts/court functions.NACM-Pictoral-Final

Each of the elements of the Core system consists of three main components:

  • Relevance
  • Application
  • Related Competencies


While the specific functions court leaders perform and the environments in which they work varies significantly, fundamental and enduring principles serve as the foundation for the profession. Competencies in this module outline those principles.
These Competencies relate to both daily and long-term functions court leaders must perform, either individually or in collaboration with others. Not all court leaders will individually perform all of the functions associated with these Competencies but they should be aware…
The Competencies included in this module focus on the creation of a strategic vision for the court. To perform this function, the court leader must demonstrate creativity, stamina, drive, conceptual and analytical skills and the ability to execute. These traits…