NACM-Accountability-and-Court-Performance-Curriculum-Design-Cover-400x592-V2This Accountability and Court Performance Curriculum introduces participants to tools that assist court leaders to move from performance measurement to managing performance based on those measurements. The course focuses on achieving competency in analytical skills to organize, collect, and analyze data; management skills focused on applying the knowledge gained from the data with the goal to improve the performance of operations; and communication skills to convey information about performance.

The following learning objectives for this curriculum are designed for a comprehensive course on accountability and court performance.

As a result of this education, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify individual learning needs and objectives related to accountability and court performance;
  2. Assess the current court performance and management metrics used by the court and the culture around accountability and court performance;
  3. Organize and present the performance measurement data in a format that maximizes the use of visuals;
  4. Identify relevant performance measures for the court and select data to support those measures;
  5. Identify, design, and apply performance measures that address the effectiveness of court programs and procedures;
  6. Diagnose the results of performance measurement and apply findings to improve court performance;
  7. Develop an effective communication strategy to the public and its public policy partners about the performance of the court in carrying out its constitutional duties; and
  8. Identify educational needs based on an assessment of the local court’s readiness to implement performance measures.