Core webinar recorded and posted on NACM site

The Core Webinar held on December 19, 2014 is now available for viewing in the ‘Members Only’ section of the NACM website –  Many thanks to the over 100 people who joined the webinar.  Information shared included a historical perspective, project objectives, process taken, and NACM’s goals in updating its long standing core competencies on through to the development of the final product – The Core. Representatives from the Institute for Court Management (ICM) and Michigan State University (MSU) also participated on the webinar to share their perspective on the Core as it relates to their educational programming.  JMI president, Elaine Borakove also shared their work on the development of the curriculum for each of the 13 competencies and David Spratte, Registered Creative, shared details on his company’s involvement in the development of the Core website.